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Telecom Services
Archonics Technologies

Telecom Services

We are one of the biggest privately owned electrical contracting company in the India. Specializing in electrical design, installation and maintenance Telecom Network. Archonics Technologies is one of the most renowned telecom companies in India.

We have the pleasure of being the leader in software and cellular industry. We have successfully managed to keep with us for past years. What Are the Different Types of Telecommunications Services? Archonics Technologies helps customers manage the network lifecycle services more efficiently, adding agility, flexibility.

We have faith in our esteemed framework which includes:

  • - Trust
  • - High Quality
  • - Professionalism
  • - Integrity

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Our Services

Network Service

  • - Electromagnetic field Surveys and report generation manual and through android devices from NEP Server/Terminal.
  • - LTE network designing and implementation.
  • - RF & BTS Parameter Collection.
  • - Documentation & Report generation.
  • - RF Survey, Drive Test and Optimization, RF Site Audit, MW Survey, UBR Survey, MW Planning, SCFT & KPI acceptance on man-month as well as task basis
  • - Telecom Network O&M includes O&M of BTS EQs, O&M of MW EQs.
  • - Outsourcing Technical Manpower and Telecom tools on monthly basis.
  • - Wifi
  • - IBS (Integrated Broadband Services).
  • - ISC (Indoor Small Cell) installation, implementation, commisioning and maintenance etc./li>


  • - WCDMA, 3.5G, LTE – FDD / TDD, GSM, GPRS, EDGE, CDMA – 1x, Wi-Fi and offloading, Wi-Max, PDH, SDH
  • - RF Network Planning Tools
  • - Nokia NetAct Planning tool, Aircom Asset.
  • - Drive Test Tools Ericsson – TEMS, Nemo TOM, Agilent, Accuver – X-CAL, Ramboll.
  • - Narda.

Services- Network Wireless Services

  • - Network Planning
  • - RF/MW/UBR/BTS Survey
  • - Installation & Commissioning
  • - RF Optimization
  • - Swap
  • - Transmission Planning
  • - Network Performance (EMF Survey/Test, Network Audits)
  • - In-building Solutions
  • - Project Management

Maintenance Service

  • - DG Maintenance- It includes DG comprising Telecom and Power sector. Work ranges from Power system maintenance to rectification of DG‟s.
  • - Tower Maintenance- It includes tower comprising Telecom and Power sector towers. Work ranges from to maintain tower with specific structure and guidelines.

Manpower Supply Service

  • - Drive Test Engineers- Currently our 50 DT engineers are working with various Sub-Vendors on MM basis. We have a pool of 50 more 2G/3G/LTE experienced DT engineers who are well trained and kept on bench to deploy in upcoming projects.
  • - Drive Test Tools- We have availability of all kind of DT kits, including Tems (All latest version e.g, 15,16), Nemo Handy, Nemo analyzer etc.
  • Technicians and Riggers- Currently our 50 Technicians are placed on MM projects. We have also a pool of 25 Technicians/Riggers who are Kept on bench for upcoming projects.

NPO Service

  • - To do the RF/LOS/UBR survey as per operator guidelines.
  • - To Submit the Report in given time line either on excel or Android Tool.
  • - Expertise in doing Survey through Android System.
  • - To do the RF/LOS planning by experts planner on most used tools in industries.
  • - To do the SCFT as per operator guidelines.
  • - To Submit the SCFT Report in given time line.
  • - To Optimize the Site by Expert Optimizers.
  • - To Do the EMF survey on Android System or Manually.
  • - To Do Broadband EMF or Narrowband EMF through Narda Tool

Installation Service

  • - Archonics Technologies has attained significant expertise in Base Transceiver System (BTS) –Installation & commissioning Service.
  • - Archonics Technologies has attained significant expertise in Link Installation and commissioning services.

Indoor Works

  • - BTS Installation as per layout plan.
  • - Battery Bank installation, interconnection & cabling of BTS.
  • - Rectifier Rack/ SMPS installation.
  • - PCM routing and Kroning, alarm cable routine.
  • - ECB, IGB, EMP installation & earthing.
  • - FEP cutting, Finishing, sealing, jumper routine connectorisation and termination.
  • - Indoor cable tray installation.
  • - Labeling of all the cables and jumpers as per customer standard.

Outdoor Works

  • - Horizontal cable tray fitting, pendulum support installation and grouting.
  • - Antenna fixtures installation.
  • - Abtenna installation & alignment.
  • - Feeder routine, Earthing, weather proofing & labeling.
  • All work is to be carried out as per drawing.

Electrical Works

  • We undertake all types of electrical works pertaining to telecom sites like:
  • - Earthing pits.
  • - Mains power supply.
  • - Supply and installation of meter box , ACDB boxes.
  • - Internal wiring of shelter / cage.
  • - External wiring from change over switch to DG and to ACBD.
  • - Supply and installation of aviation light and cable.